Strategic English - Web sites

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Our approach to designing web sites is the same as the one I use for creating English text: I aim for clarity and simplicity so your message is communicated in the most effective way.

Website Creation

We create websites, like this one, for private individuals and small businesses. You can see more of our sites by following the links on the projects page.

Our website philosophy can be described as "less is more". We aim for a simple, uncluttered design and well-written text, presented in a logical structure. We have found this approach to be both economical and effective.

The first step is to help you find and register your own domain name.

Next, we agree the structure of the site with you, including the number of pages and how they will link to each other.

Then we discuss the look of the site and determine the need for images including logos, photographs, calendars, forms and any other design elements.

Text and translations come after that. If you need any languages other than English, we can find translators for you.

At this stage, gathering extra background information may be necessary to make sure your site is topical and informative. We can do this too.

After that, we assemble the pages and links, including links to other websites.

Finally, the site goes live on the Internet. We register it with the major search engines and set up your site e-mail for you.

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