Strategic English – A winning approach


All my translations are “handmade”. Electronic translation is cheaper and faster but is also likely to be inaccurate, literal and lacking in style, wit and elegance.

There really is no substitute for careful translation by the human brain: choosing the correct synonym, rearranging sentences to make them sound better and including figures of speech that only a native speaker knows how to use.

I use electronic dictionaries and I Google obscure terms when necessary, but technology is just a tool and not the means of translation.

Like playing Scrabble, I enjoy the creative challenge of finding winning words.


Researching and Copywriting

Tell me your objectives and the format you need. I'll create your text: from a creative tagline to a scientific website or an annual report.
 To save you time, I can also check your facts and search for background information.

 German into English

Computers and dictionaries can help with translation, but for a result that sounds natural and professional, mother-tongue translators are the only option. (That's also why I only translate into English.) I don’t provide interpreting services or simultaneous translation, but I can recommend a bilingual real-estate professional for help with property contracts and Notary meetings.

Proofreading and Editing

If you have already translated your text and want to be sure it’s correct, you can send it to me. I'll check and edit the vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and spelling.
 As part of the service, I make sure that the message is clear, that the style and tone suit the audience and that the document is interesting and persuasive.

Please note that proofreading and editing text that has been translated by a non-mother tongue speaker often costs as much as doing a proper translation in the first place.
It’s best not to spend any time or money on non-professional translations.

Website Creation

I work with an associate to create websites (like this one) for individuals and small businesses. The service starts with helping you find and register your own domain name, (your www…), then we create your site and provide updates as necessary. Find out more